Burgeon specializes in offering services in the Blockchain domain – Blockchain Consulting, Development, Certification & Training. Burgeon specializes is undertaking another niche of services in the Blockchain domain – Blockchain Consulting, Development, Certification & Training. We are developing Blockchain related PoC’s using our expertise. Burgeon team brings in considerable technology and operational experience and expertise in the area of cryptography, security and mobility. We combine innovative ideas with deep business knowledge and global technology teams to deliver business solutions.

Burgeon has capabilities to successfully implement systems that use cryptographic proof of work systems which has been helping organizations worldwide, to simplify ‘transactions’ and cost based processes. We are a team of multi-disciplined domain experts who strongly believe in delivering a positive and holistic customer experience throughout the product development lifecycle.

We engineer products and services designed to meet rapidly changing, and constantly evolving markets as a decentralized middle ware or database between storage layer & service layer to ensure verifiability and integrity of any type of data. The whole solution works on existing enterprise infrastructure through a peer-to-peer network. Technology can be used as either private Blockchain (on-premise) or public Blockchain (open peer-to-peer) network for open & transparent record keeping. We’re a business aligned technology services provider. Burgeon provides consulting services for businesses keen on adopting Blockchain technology and helps them implement Blockchain quickly with near zero coding effort and minimal Blockchain knowledge to reap the maximum benefits of this tech.

From technologies to solutions, Burgeon’s Blockchain development services are:

1. Create most dynamic and decentralized cryptographic Blockchain apps that could be used to digitally sign sensitive information.

2. Develop smart contracts and escrow services, tokenization and authentication.

3. Experience guaranteed secured networks without a single point of failure.

4. Enabler for most secure communications and content distribution for authentication processes, especially for financial transactions.

5. Experience seamless implementation of Blockchain technology added as another layer to your products and services to enhance functionality and security while saving resources and developer man-hours.

“We adopt a hands-on, pragmatic approach to develop winning strategies that address each client’s unique and evolving requirements.” Simplifying Blockchain Platform to leap towards Business Transformation Goals leveraging our experience and methodologies to assure a successful outcome every time.