Cisco CPO/PSC Developer


I hope you all are doing Good.

We are looking for “Cisco CPO/PSC.”, anyone who has good knowledge/Skills and looking for the opportunity in Melbourne, Australia, can forward your resumes to

Job Description:

  • Expert in Cisco’s Automation suite in an enterprise environment with the mindset of a BPM/Workflow design Engineer or an Automation Developer.
  • Ability to solution, develop and implement integration with business applications
  • Develop fully automated and Integrated systems patterns for use within telecom environment
  • Provide recommendations by using a continuous improvement lens throughout the development cycle
  • Own the end-to-end process to completion.
  • Expert in understanding of REST/WEB service APIs.

Mandatory skills needed:

  • Python, Linux
  • Required Technical and Professional Expertise
  • Expertise and experience in scripting e.g. Python scripting
  • Expertise and experience in Infrastructure Automation e.g. CPO
  • Expertise and experience in Source Control Management and Release Management Procedures e.g. GitHub, GitLab
  • Experience developing and managing orchestration tools e.g. Cisco Process Orchestrator, BPM,
  • Expert level knowledge of Telecom and supporting infrastructure.
  • Expert knowledge on programming fundamentals e.g. OOPs, Variables.

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Advanced knowledge of automation within a Cisco SDN (CPO/PSC) suite environment with experience in custom development like Automation Pack, Adapters, Target, Target Types.
  • Configurable and working knowledge of interfaces like Rabbit_MQ, JMS_Queue. AMQP.
  • Advanced Skill in usage and integration of REST, and SOAP APIs and microservices
  • Fluent in Python programming languages as well as Unix/Linux shell and other modern scripting languages
  • Knowledge of NETCONF/RESTCONF.
  • Knowledge of SDN with Interfaces.
  • Production Experience with Configuration Management tool set.
  • Developing continuous integration and deployment solutions, processes and systems integrations.
  • Developing and management of infrastructure automation across all types of environments

Note: Looking for PRs and Citizens.



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