Data Analyst with Sybase Exp (Only local since F2F

Data Analyst with Sybase Exp (Only local since F2F

Primary Skills:

written in Sybase

Redwood City, California, United States

# of Positions: 
1, Duration: 


Job Title: Data Analyst with Sybase Exp  (Only local since F2F interview must)

Duration:    Redwood City , CA

Location:  12 + Months 

The client is moving the legacy data ( written in Sybase) to stage with Oracle.

Essentially, help reverse engineer the legacy program.

He/’She will be assisting the development / the BA , to process Data files and to ensure that the results are correct.

If not, find the reasons / causes for it.  

The consultant who will be a very good with SQL will help understand the Logics for the Stored procedures written in Sybase, preferably document it.

they will convert save some parts for staging oracle . In which case the need is for 

    Systems/data analyst.

    Need to have 3-5 years working directly with data.

    Must be a whiz with complex SQL queries

    Role is to focus on understanding legacy code and then interpreting into technical solution in new environment. Must be a fast learner and can work independently (important)

    Legacy code is Sybase So would need someone with Strong experience with MS SQL is fairly close.

    Knowledge of how Oracle database works is required also.

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