Database Production support for DB2 ZOS technology.

·         Production support of database environments

·         Release Management of database environments

·         Infrastructure support for database environments

·         Metrics collection and publishing

·         Define the physical database Design

·         Data conversion/migration assistance

·         Facilitation, planning, and coordination with the development teams

·         Build, review, QA, implement, and support application database releases

·         Assist in Creating stored procedures/triggers and support development teams to incorporate the business requirements/rules

·         Support in data Centre migrations

·         Participate in ever-greening database environments

·         Interact with application teams and other infrastructure teams

·         Build and maintain High Availability setup, replication setups



·         Provide the technical support within the agreed Service Levels ·         Meet the delivery standards as per the agreement that includes quality of deliverables, documentation ·         Status communication and timely reporting ·         Interact with application teams and other infrastructure teams ·         Maintain support records such as incident resolutions ·         Brainstorm with team leaders and peers on emerging technology ·         trends, constantly question, clarify from teams and ensure that critical ·         technology  issues are surfaced and considered ·         Act as a buddy to the new joiners and junior colleagues to help them settle and take up work in the project


·         Participate in process improvements and cost efficiency initiatives

·         Ensure leave planning is done as per HR policies and any anomalies reported well in advance

·         Ensure booking Clarity timesheets regularly as defined for the project

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