Automobiles / Auto Ancillaries

Automobile industry needs technically skilled and semi-skilled workforce that not only performs well but stays longer in the organization. With a stronghold on the competitive market, Burgeon IT Services team offers workforce that is best of the class. While the industry is facing a resource crunch, in general, our clients do not find it difficult recruiting talented people as and when required.

Banking / Insurance / Financial Services

India has performed remarkably well in banking and finance sector. There is a huge requirement of the workforce with lucrative salaries. Burgeon IT Services has been pivotal in supplying workforce that is capable of delivering towering results. Our clients vouch for the quality and dedication of people recruited through us.

Construction & Industrial Engineering

It is a workforce-centric industry vertical. We have all big names in our clientele who are satisfied with the technical know how of people recruited through us. Burgeon IT Services identifies the skills and strength while interviewing people so well that there is no scope for getting an inferior resource on board.


Burgeon IT Services helps top-notch educational institutes in the country to hire experts of different academic areas. We take the best of available people and do not compromise on quality. We have subject matter experts who judge the depth of knowledge during the scanning process because only brilliant people can enlighten students with knowledge and wisdom.

FMCG / Food / Beverages

FMCG industry needs people in large numbers because the magnitude of business is quite high. At Burgeon IT Services, we have several satisfied clients on our kitty who have taken our help in recruiting the most efficient and capable people. Food and Beverages industry needs a wide spectrum of workforce ranging from unskilled people to sophisticated ones.

Health Care / Pharmaceutical

Job opportunity in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector are unlimited. At Burgeon IT Services, we bring technically skilled people who work relentlessly in your organization and achieve great heights. Top-most training schools in India are associated with us for career counseling and on-campus recruitment. We maintain a database of top-performing students.


With India emerging as a popular tourist hub, there is a phenomenally bright future of hospitality industry. Burgeon IT Services is one of the leading firm that provide excellent quality people who know the crux of hospitality. Our clients have achieved new heights by dynamic workforce provided by us.

Hotel/ Restaurants

Experts say that hotel industry in India has grown at an exponential rate in last two decades. We have several big names in the client list that have got benefited by quality resources brought by us. Burgeon IT Services team keeps in touch with the leading hotel management school so that you get the best people in the industry.

Plastic / Chemicals

There is a huge demand for plastics and chemical sectors in specific areas of the country. Since it is a specialized industry vertical, entrepreneurs always face a resource crunch. However, they recruit the top resources with our help. Burgeon IT Services is among leading firms who earn a great reputation of having the largest pool of efficient people.

Power & Energy

Power and energy sector is a relatively new entrant in our clientele, but we have proved our expertise there. Our clients trust us for excellent service and dependability. Testimonials and feedback from satisfied clients in Power & Energy sector prove that Burgeon IT Services team brings the most liable and reliable people onboard.


With the Indian government opening FDI in the retail sector and many retail sector giants coming in, employment market gets a superb boost. Our clients have got immense benefit with good-quality result-oriented resources offered by Burgeon IT Services. Attrition is a big challenge in retail sectors, but our clients do not feel so!


When our clients want to get assured that their premises are in the safest hands, they call us for top-quality security resources. We have stringent quality parameters and background check so that you get highly dependable and reliable people. Our clients vouch for the ability, zeal, and temperament of security people recruited by Burgeon IT Services.


Burgeon IT Services consulting has a long list of the textile companies who have recruited resources ranging from textile workers to senior managers. We know the dynamics of textile industry well and make sure that our clients have effective and engaged people. The track record so far has been outstanding, and we expect a bright future ahead.