Position:   SQL DBA

Work Location: Hyderabad, Pune

 Duration:  6 – 12 Months Contract to Hire

Experience: 10+ years

 Job Description:

Expertise in RDBMS S/W installation, database server builds, applying patches, Applying patches in VM environments (VTM), upgrading, configuring, trouble shooting of SQL SERVER on

Windows 2000/03/08R2/12R2 servers and Clustered VMware Environments.

Expertise in database Back Up, Restore, Recovery, Updating statistics, Rebuilding and

Reorganizing indexes, Defrag Tables, Replication, Linked Servers and Database Maintenance


Monitoring Instances, Configuring and Enabling alerts using SCOM or any other 3rd part tool.

Experience in query optimization and performance tuning. Experience in using SQL Profiler,

Execution Plan, Performance Monitor and DBCC Commands.

Good knowledge in using DMVs and DMFs to finding and solving Performance Issue, Data

modeling concepts.

Expertise in Disaster Recovery plans by configuring AlwaysOn, Clustering, Log-shipping,

Mirroring and Replication (Snapshot and Transactional).

Implementing High Availability in SQL 2012/2016 by configuring AlwaysOn Availability groups across Windows Server Failover Clustering.

Experience in Ansible and Python scripting languages to automate the day to day activities and troubleshoot/enhance the existing scripts.

Experience with hosting and migration of databases from on-premises to Could Azure/AWS etc…

Strong Communication & Management skills and , , expertise in Onsite/offshore and Client coordination

Providing 24X7 Support and maintenance to all the Database Instances of OLTP/OLAP.

Expertise in raising the Service Requests with Microsoft and keep tracking of requests.

Monitoring/Troubleshooting Log shipping /DB Replication/Always ON.

Respond and Troubleshoot database related problems reported by customers.

Adding Linked Servers (SQL Servers, Oracle DB Servers).

Analyzing and troubleshooting the long running queries, blocking queries.

Refreshing UAT and Reporting instances with production data.

Automate the routine tasks.

Preparing Knowledge articles and sharing with the team on day to day activities.

Thanks & Regards


+91- 8297000905

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