Sr. Application Developer

Position: # Sr. Application Developer

Work Location: # Bangalore

 Duration:  6-12 months Contract to Hire

Experience: 7+ years

Must Have Skills: #C, #C++, #makefile , #cmake, #UNIX, #LINUX,# OOPS ,#Curl APIs & Multithreading/Socket  , #Message Brokers (Kafka/Rabbit MQ etc.), #REST Web Services, #Spring #Restful Web Services, #Gitlab

Experience in  C &  C++  Programing languages  using STL ( Standard Template Libraries)

Experience in writing modifying makefile , cmake files for building Compiling C/C++ source code using GCC G++  compilers

Experience in creation/linking shared libraries(.so) to create new application and software.

Experience in different flavor of UNIX and LINUX Specific Machine (CentOS , SUSE, CoreOS , RedHat etc. )

Experience in Design Patterns (Singleton Pattern).

Experience in DB technologies like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Very Strong experience in UNIX LINUX Commands & Scripting languages like SHELL/BASH/Python

Understanding of libpq/libmongoc is preferred.

Understanding of any of libcurl/curlpp/cpr libraries is a must.

Experience in OOPS ,Curl APIs & Multithreading/Socket  frameworks using system programing languages like C & C++.

Experience in Message Brokers (Kafka/Rabbit MQ etc.)

Experience in resolving memory issue like Segmentation fault/Core dump using GDB tool.

Experience in REST Web Services, Spring Restful Web Services

Experience in Linux and Unit platforms

Experience with Gitlab

Experience performing functional testing of REST-based web services

Exposure to unit testing tools, such as: Junit and Easy Mock

Ability to take ownership for initiatives

Ability to work comfortably with both technical and business teams

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