Azure data engineer

Work Location: Offshore

Vendor Rate: 7784 INR Per day.

Mandatory skills and JD


  1. Azure Data factory
  2. Azure data bricks
  3. Azure storage accounts
  4. Azure Key vault
  5. Azure data and Log analytics

Monitor Resources and Log Analytics


Use Log analytics to write a simple query

Understand the scheme of your data

Filter, sort, and group results

Apply a time range

Create charts

Save and Load queries

Export and share queries

Compute-VM Admin related tasks


Setup and deploy the custom developed application and continuously monitor the system health

Deploying and configuring VM for optimum cost, performance, and security

Review and Backup VM’s and potentially providing over recovery

Implement and Manage storage


Forecast and manage demand for the apps

Securing data against unauthorized access

View and analyze summary data on cloud resource deployments

Backing up data and making it efficient to restore when needed

Configuring long term archival storage to maintain corporate compliance

Implement security and protecting identities


Encrypting data in transit at rest and in use

Protecting Active directory accounts against compromise

Reducing the attack surface of all your Azure resource.

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