The new Burgeon for Consulting program, C4C+, opens access to Burgeon Process Mining and Execution Management technology to worldwide consulting firms and system integrators. It allows them to use the Burgeon Execution Management System (EMS) without limits on the number of users, client projects, duration, and processes. The program includes free training, support and access to a dedicated Project Hub to manage the consulting projects.


There has to be a different way

As a consultant, you’re no stranger to the slow and painful old way of investigating client problems: process mapping.

You may still be relying on sticky notes and drawn-out, subjective interviews to piece together process puzzles.

So, you create a flow chart of how the process is supposedly happening today with little visibility of what will happen tomorrow. It’s impossible to quantify your results, and deriving the value of your recommendations is a guessing game.

There has to be a different way.

But sophisticated process discovery products can be expensive and difficult to get started with –– until now.

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