DB2 Admin

Job Description for DBA – DB2 Administration:

  • Working with DBA skills on DB2 for platforms Linux and AIX.
  • Completed Stress scenarios, Migration, Data move scenarios.
  • Monitoring and Investigating the error logs.
  • Working on DPF in DB2 UDB V10.1 for Linux & AIX platforms.
  • Perform stress execution with DB2 on different platforms like AIX, Linux and Windows.
  • Migrating instance and database from previous version to the latest version.
  • Test the DB2 engine to its ultimatum with all the options specified for each scenario and make sure that the db2 engine doesn’t crash in extreme limits.
  • Report the instance of db2 engine crashing with detailed explanation(including finding to the line of code) to the developer.
  • Setting Crontab and scheduling db2 jobs.
  • Handling table space and file systems space issues.
  • Creating instance and database objects.
  • Loading data into development and testing servers.
  • Granting authorizations to users to access db2 database.
  • Monitoring locks and deadlocks.
  • Creating file systems, create logical volumes and assign them to table spaces.
  • Controlling access to DB2 Objects.
  • Securing the clients databases.
  • Creating DB2 Utility jobs like reorg, Image copy, Runstats and releasing them into production and scheduling it on regular basis.
  • Assisting application teams in fixing database performance issues.
  • Backup and Recovery  strategies for all databases in production environment.
  • Updating/modifying DBM and DB configuration parameter and event monitors.
  • Performing health check on databases and continues monitoring of performance.
  • Resolving lock-wait and deadlock issues by analyzing snapshots and monitoring information.
  • Attending weekly status meetings with client.
  • Developing script  as part of automation.
  • Monitoring with Snapshot Monitoring, Event Monitoring, db2top, db2pd and dsmtop.
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