EMC san administrator

Job Description for SAN Storage.

EMC SAN administrator

Primary Skill:                      EMC XIO, Cisco Switches, EMC Powermax

Secondary Skill :                 EMC Vmax

Experience:                          5+ Years.

 Hands on SAN Storage skills to manage EMC SAN (XtremeIO, VMAX) and IBM SVC.

 Good knowledge of Storage based replication (Recover point, SRDF etc)

 Good knowledge of Cisco MDS 9000 Series SAN Switches.

 Storage provisioning to the new and existing servers.

 Reclaiming the storage from the retired servers.

 Good experience on creating Zones and good knowledge on Switches.

 Experience on configuring the replication setup and troubleshooting in case of any issues.

 Gather requirements, installation, configuration, and testing of Storage & backups in high

availability enterprise systems (Servers and Applications)

 Experience with performing infrastructure automation and development using configuration

management and containerization technologies for distributed applications

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