Infrastructure Services

At Burgeon, we provide a range of services to our clients to cater to the needs of the telecom industry.

Burgeon provides In House Design, Office & Retail Developments, Interior Constructions, Light & Heavy Industrial Infra works in which clients benefit from a seamless supply covering all their requirements for joint mechanical and electrical projects.

The company joins forces with an experienced mechanical contractor. Full co-ordination of the services is jointly undertaken by Burgeon and its long-term mechanical partner, to provide a first class mechanical installation.

Over the years this method has enabled Burgeon to deliver multiple combined service solutions. Two separate specialist contractors have advantages over a joint mechanical and electrical company. Each company can specialize in its own right, without being stronger in a particular discipline. On mechanical contracts Burgeon takes full contractual responsibility.

Day to day operations are controlled by the joint co-ordinate project managers based on site. A contracts manager takes overall control and visits the site when required.

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