Payroll Intelligence
Payroll Intelligence
PayInt is a payroll intelligence software, equipped with machine learning & AI to improve Payroll. It concerns over the elimination of human expertise in payroll and HR.  It enhances interactivity and streamlines customer service by tracking questions and responses between employees, contractors and payroll staff.

Within the HR industry, organisational efficiency of its people management remains paramount. For this to be done, HR needs to understand their workforce. HR needs to make sure that their workforce’s payroll is always processed on time and that upon completion of a payroll-run, that it is always 100% correct. Here, PayInt came into existence.

The payroll sector needs to be adaptive towards the benefits that it can pose for companies, employees as well as payroll staff.

About Us
AI In Seconds
This can improve the way HR department processes and analyzes their data, providing more actionable insights. Data that may have taken weeks to manually compile and analyze can be examined by AI in seconds and presented in easy-to-read reports. This can help HR professionals to spot patterns, optimize current processes, and make predictions.
Less Error More Quickly
Identifies irregularities in employee hours and makes sure employees are fully paid for time at work.

It can vastly improve payroll processes and enhance the working experience for all levels of employees. PayInt involves the coordination, handling and processing of large amounts of data.It will resolve some of the differences between various HR function. This helps reduce the head count of human resources staff members, minimize human error in payroll management and HR functions more quickly.

The demands on payroll within an organisation are forever changing, whether it is expanding into new countries, changes to your existing operations, managing payroll processes can be extremely challenging.

The pressure points of delivering payroll accurately, on time and in accordance with local regulations to maintain compliance are always there.

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