The telecom services are also categorized as wired or wireless. Landlines are an example of wired telecom services. These are used only for voice calls and transferring information through calls. There are a lot of landline services available, and some of them also have internet facilities. Several companies offer landline and wireless services. However, most of the companies involved in both things are different and are in direct competition.

At Burgeon, we provide a range of services to our clients to cater to the needs of the telecom industry.

A lot of Telecom Consulting companies provide these services. The prices differ considerably depending on the type of service, plan, area of living, and from one company to another. From the times of using drums to communicate to electromagnetic waves now, this sector has seen a drastic change over the years. Some of the types of telecom services

Full Turnkey Solutions
Telecom Implementations Solutions (TI)
Infrastructure Rollout
Technical Support Service(RF)
Operations & Maintenance
Resource Outsourcing Services

Burgeon positioned to take advantage of the increasing AMC business on the back of our skilled man power and credibility with our clients. We provide Active and Passive Cell site maintenance and Optical Fibre Cable Maintenance

Active Maintenance:
  • We provides preventive and corrective maintenance for Base Station
  • Subsystem elements comprising of BTS, BSC, MSC, OFC.
Passive Maintenance:
  • DG maintenance, Diesel filling.
  • AMF Panel, UPS, Fire Alarm System,FMC, NMS.
  • Battery voltage, battery charger and electrical installation of the prefabs /building.
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